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The Windtower

An afternoon hike up the Windtower…

The boy hiked most of the way up to West Wind Pass. And then from the pass, it was onwards and upwards. Below is the view from West Wind Pass up towards the Windtower.

There were a few snow patches on the traverse around.

Family photos with a 3.5 year old.

After a long scree slog – the summit! Which was alarmingly narrow and surrounded by cliffs, and required keeping a good hold on the boy. Alex is looking down at Canmore, visible in the valley behind Wind Ridge.

And views down the Spray Valley as well.

I started trying to train the boy on doing summit jump photos, but he only agreed to try a couple before giving up on the idea.

The boy looks out from the wind shelter on the summit of the Windtower.

Looking over the edge, and trying to convince the boy not to throw rocks.

Descending the scree once again…

Distance: ~10km
Elevation gain: ~950m

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