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A day on the hill

A day at the ski hill with the boy. But first, he had to climb the mountain in the car park.

After some time in daycare, and then some lunch, we headed out together. And I towed him up to the magic carpet.

Mama was only allowed on for one ride, then I was told off if I tried to follow him up the hill.

I spent some time skiing backwards, unable to convince him to snow plough (or pizza, as it’s apparently known in these circles)

I tried to see if he wanted to ride the Strawberry lift, but he wasn’t keen. So we skied down towards Goats Eye, and then – well, there’s only one way to get to Goats Eye, you have to ride the Jackrabbit chair. So he had his first chairlift ride.

The first run was so successful that he demanded: “More chairlift!”

And so we had some more chairlift, and more skiing!

And then a long nap at home.

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