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The Australia Trip – The Unexpected Canberra Leg

We didn’t mean to go to Canberra. But there were friends there we hadn’t seen since I was 39 weeks pregnant. And now we had a three year old, and they had a two year old. And it only added four or five hours to the drive to my parent’s farm! In the end it turned out to be an absolutely cracking idea, despite all the driving.

The offspring had a ball playing together.

Our friends loaned us bikes, and one of them watched the Moosling, so Alex and I could go off and ride the Mount Stromlo trails with the rest of the group – so much fun! And riding on 26″ MTB wheels again (as opposed to the 29″ wheels on my current bike) was a bit of a revelation.

Even the Moosling got to ride at Stromlo…

And then I went for a run – up Mount Ainslie, across to Majura and back down again. Canberra, you were much more fun than I expected you to be.

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