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Bikes in Jasper

A brief biking weekend in Jasper. Well, the biking seemed brief when compared to the amount of time we spent driving there and back.

The biking itself wasn’t anything to write home about either. Jasper seems like a fantastic area that warrants a lot of further exploration, I just don’t know if I’d bother bringing my bike again. On Saturday we rode part of Saturday Night Lake Loop, and some of the trails to the south of it (pictured above, Alex slogging up a hill towing the trailer).

The nights were fantastic and clear, and we manged to see a little of the Perseid meteor shower.

Sunday took us out the the Valley of the Five Lakes Loop, where we were all feeling a little overheated and uninspired, and were quite happy to have a long lunch and lounge in a lake for a while.

We didn’t even bother riding a full loop, but jumped at an excuse to cut the ride shorter than necessary, and get packed up and head home. Overall, it was … nice.

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