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Hiking Plain of Six Glaciers for the very first time

The Plain of Six Glaciers is a very popular walk from Lake Louise, and one that we’d never quite gotten around to doing. So the day after Alex and I had run a 42km trail race, it seemed like the perfect time to get out and do this family friendly hike. No doubt it did wonders for our recovery, but it wasn’t easy going on tired legs. Especially as the Moosling spotted his Ergo, remembered what life used to be like – before he had to walk everywhere – and demanded a return to a life of luxury.

The Chateau and Lake Louise from the far end of the lake

Swarms of people along rocky ledges (I say swarms, but all people pictured were in my personal swarm though)

Getting up close and personal with some glaciers

Hiking up, high above Lake Louise

Magnificent views, lovely moraines

Dogs cooling off in the glacial lake water

So in short, it was gorgeous, but quite busy, and my legs hurt. The End.

Distance: 14km
Elevation gain: 420m

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