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Some random January adventures

Because somehow yet again, another month has passed. They keep doing that now. Whoosh, and all these things I’d meant to do are still un-done – but on the plus side, at least the days are quickly getting longer again.

We went for a wander up Grotto Canyon, just because. And then wished we’d taken our climbing gear (ice, not rock, it wasn’t that warm).

grotto canyon

We skied, and there were mountains, and clear blue skies.

views from sunshine

And then, the weather decided to make up for the super mild winter by dropping down to the minus 25-30oC range, just for a bit. A few days later it was back up to 4oC. VERY CONFUSING. Also leading to all of the nice river paths being covered in acres of ice. I tried to go for a run with the Chariot, without any cleats on my shoes (it had been ok a couple of days before), and had a very interesting backwards slide down an icy hill, Chariot slithering down after me.

cold spell

And we had meme-cake for Alex’s birthday (EAT ALL THE CAKE!)

eat ALL the cake

More happened that wasn’t photographed, it seems my camera has been in hibernation for the month of January. February is looking good so far, and if this weather keeps up, the mountain biking/hiking season will start nice and early.

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