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Healy Pass – the wildflowers were already dying

The wildflowers at Healy Pass hadn’t disappeared entirely by the time we hiked there, but they were looking decidedly limp and not terribly photogenic.

At least the weather was nice. Although the hike in and out to Healy Pass from Sunshine Village takes a lot longer than the ski does.

On the way back we managed to find Bill Peyto’s trapper cabin. It’s in a state of disrepair now, but you can still see where he had anti-bear measures in place in the windows, even if you wouldn’t want to walk around inside (although if it can stand up to the snowfall over winter, it probably isn’t about to fall in on anyone’s head any time soon).

This will probably be the last Sunshine Meadows adventure before the snow comes – which will be all too soon now.

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Aha, you finally found it – I’m pleased to see what it looks like after traipsing around in the snow for longer than I should have been with a cold.

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