A Blue Lagoon goodbye

The timing was good, so what better way to go to the airport than via the Blue Lagoon? One of Iceland’s biggest tourist … attractions? Traps? I’m not sure. For a geothermal spa (with water coming from a nearby geothermal power plant) it’s not cheap, but it was definitely a nice way to wind down before getting on an aeroplane to fly home. The pale blue water is full of silica and sulphur (I’m sure my hair still smelt sulphurous on the flight home), and is deliciously warm.

Along with access you get a little plastic bracelet. It allows you to lock all your clothes in a locker, and to buy drinks from a lagoon-side bar if you fancy. There are buckets of silica mud around to make yourself look silly (also some possible benefit to your skin, I don’t know). And the waterfall really does give an amazing shoulder massage.

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It was awesome! …although cold – the photos really don’t capture that cold damp wind, straight off the ocean. But thank you – but Iceland is pretty photogenic :)

True re cold weather! I remember from one of your first posts saying something like you picked a summer destination colder than Canmore. :( But it looks amazing nonetheless.

Heh, Finn was having an unimpressed with everything day – after half an hour of hanging out in the lagoon he began to mellow though :)

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