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Someone needs to stop sacrificing goats to Ullr

After our bike trails got all dry, and we spent a week doing things like this:

(Actually, I didn’t do things like that, that was my friend Dan on the Star Wars trail in Banff)

But there was lots of bike riding – out along the Montane Traverse, and round the G8, and things like that. And birds sang, deers frolicked, and the baby bunnies ate all the new plants turning up in gardens Then yesterday it snowed all day, and we ended up with a couple of inches of the stuff sitting on our balcony. And now everything is damp and it keeps raining and being cold and miserable. And generally unmotivating.

At least one of the dolls I’ve made (while sitting inside glaring at the weather) is getting in some bike time.

waldorf inspired biking boy doll

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