things that aren’t cool about the usa (part 1 in a 3 part series)

So when I first arrived in the States, I started making lists of all the weird differences I noticed. Today is Part One – The things I did not like.

    Sugar or honey being in everything! (sultanas, cereal, bread, etc)
    The weather in DC being freezing cold (having to wear gloves just to go outside my house!) or stinkingly hot and humid (sweat dripping from every pore, without me even moving)
    Cars having indicators included with the brake light, so they are red, and hard to see – if people actually use them that is (saves money)
    The money being paper, and all the same size and colour
    Still having one cent coins (pah!)
    The real estate system involving a ridiculous number of people
    Climbing gyms using tape instead of coloured holds for routes
    Tap water having chlorine in it – as a result, newly washed clothes smell like swimming pool
    Roads having numbers and directions instead of signs to places, and names
    People still being allowed to smoke where you’re eating
    Greasy American food
    The lack of birds in Winter
    Lousy selection of chocolate
    Sneaky taxes being added onto the shelf price
    Difficulty finding good vegetarian food
    The unorganised and messy garbage system
    The evil non-working plugs that are incorporated into the sink, so you can’t buy a functioning plug to replace it
    The pizza
    Having to pay individually for ingredients on pizza
    So many places being closed on Sundays (including Saigon Cafe, damn them)
    The Mars Bars are called Milky Ways, and they’re absolute rubbish
    The Snickers don’t taste as good either
    The lack of an automated computer banking system – so you have to use cheques for everything!

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Well fine! I’ll make a list of things that aren’t cool about Australia:
* There are no big mountains in Australia.
* You have to dangle up side down from the earth. All the blood will rush to my head!
* There are two-legged animals that walks around pretending to be people, kick you in the head when you’re not looking, and steal your lunch.
* It’s in the middle of nowhere. Come on, can’t you at least build a bridge to South America or something?
* The weather is all messed up, it’s cold in July, and warm in January.
* I heard Koalas are poisonous and deadly.

Hey, the list of things that were cool about America is on it’s way, it’s a three part series remember? And the three parts aren’t all about how much the US sucks.

(But yes, koalas are poisonous and deadly)

Yes, because if you wanted to make a series about all the things that sucked in the US, it would have to be atleast a 72 part series!

Now you sound like Mikl Law bhahahahhahaaa…. You know you loved it here, M. I mean, hell, where else can you find a fried snicker’s bar and/or be bothered by Bush-isms…

O and I miss you, ya’ damn chook!~

blk: Yeah, good old friend snickers bars. And fried chunks of cheese, with more cheese to dip them in (of course, why had I never thought of that one before!).

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