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To Chester Lake with Chariot

The thing about finding ski tours to do without any avy danger – they all seem to involve skiing to lakes. Ok, not all, Goat Creek and Cascade Fire Trail are at least two exceptions I can think of. Nonetheless, on Sunday we skied to another lake.


Up and away



It was snowing the whole time – the cover of the Chariot got a good coating



A quick lunch by the lake



Happy to be out in the snow



And skiing back down again


The handlebars on the Chariot definitely come in handy for descents when some manoeuvring is required. Also on ascents on a narrow trail, as it likes to try and dive into tree wells – it really doesn’t track very well.

The Chester Lake trail is about 10km return, now with a one-way section in force for part of the ski trail (all signed and obvious). Nice and wide for the first half, turning into a thin and windy trail through tighter trees towards the end, but still plenty of room to get a Chariot through (although with the tree wells and sections that are a little off-camber, doing it alone could get interesting). Our heavy skis were overkill, seeing as we weren’t actually heading out for any turns – cross-country gear would be much more sensible (although the downhill is definitely much steeper than the Moraine Lake trail).

It’s pretty popular for snow-shoeing as well, though there’s a separate snow-shoe trail to the lake (no idea what that’s like for towing a Chariot on). On weekends in general the trail can be pretty busy, with half of Calgary turning up there – if you can get out and back early you’ll miss a lot of the other traffic though.

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