thanks ocean!

Now my crash pad looks much more exciting. AND it has a moose. What more could I ask for? (courtesy of the graphic stylings of Mr. Ocean)

gorgeous crash pad

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Mooses! I need to take Russell to meet some mooses. Actually, the Canada trip is going ahead, maybe he’ll get to meet some other mooses in BC. I can imagine he’ll be pretty excited.

I can give you an exact GPS location where you are very likely to see some moose if you like…..

That will come in handy. However if it doesn’t turn out to be at the Melbourne zoo i might not be able to track them down in a hurry. :(

Don’t tell me you have some sort of tracking device tied to some mooses? Actually, I can see you now, up in a little control tower, half of the mooses of Canada under your command, watching them roaming around on little maps. You’d have one of those spinnning chairs, and be tapping your fingertips together, mutting *excellent* to yourself.

Unfortunantly after checking all the zoos I have worked out that there appear to be no mooses on this continent at all, evil or otherwise… The situation must be rectified ASAP.

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