I found this website, called Simply Australian. And when it comes to the Aussie Food section, all I have to say is ARGH! Now I can’t keep looking through it and craving all of the food that I can’t possibly get in the supermarket over here. I might just have to place an order. Before it starts getting too warm, so I can get chocolate as well :)

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I could get one of those Aussie Barmah hats from the hatter at Banbury Thursday market you know.

what have you got a hankering for? Milo, iced vovo’s, anzacs or the holy grail, tim tams? Of course there is always vegemite. Vashti reckons we could send you some chiko rolls

Oh, you know, the usual, fantales, freddo frogs, caramello koalas, twisties, redskins, minties, kool mints, and the good old trusty kingston biscuit. and vegemite of course (the 2 and a half kilo pail on the website scares me a little though – surely noone can eat that much vegemite – maybe I’m just not worthy). And you know what’s crazy – they called mossies ‘mosquitos’. And I had to ask for a ‘chocolate chip cookie’ at the cookie stand. It’s a mixed up world over here.

TIm Tams have brought out a couple of newies. I haven’t tried the chilli and dark chocolate, sounds a little extreme, but the white choc truffle is delish… mmmm, can get through a whole pack of tim tams in about 10 minutes…

I think I saw the chilli and dark chocolate before I left – and was a little unsure about the whole idea. Quite possibly madness. But I may have to have an extended Tim Tam tasting session on my return to Australia, just to check the relative merits of all of these exciting new flavours (as opposed to the old and inferior ones I’m used to).

you should try the chilli ones – mmmm.
I’ll send you some in your log awaited birthday package.

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