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and a belated australia day to you too



(It was very hard to balance that tube of vegemite – another reason vegemite shouldn’t come in tubes)

And also, a snake ate another snake! And then the eaten snake crawled out of the eating snake!

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I am indeed a happy little vegemite (growing stronger every day – although my vegemite has run out now, so progress might be halted for a while).

loved the snake. The furry kids were playing with a very large fat tiger snake/stick at the park the other day. No sense of danger, just ‘nice stick’. Had to get vet advice, and observe for 24 hours, no injury.
All ok, fire about 1km away this week, at Ivanhoe boulavard, bloody firebugs.

Lil: It’s all in the delivery with vegemite. Although childhood brainwashing probably helps. And what’s this? The spellchecker doesn’t recognise vegemite as a valid word! How un-Australian of it.

Dee: I heard about the firebugs trying to set things on fire near the boulevard. Glad to hear the furry kids are ok too.

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