american flags

I’m starting to put in a couple of applications for some apartments I like. There is one that really had a lot of character, it’s part of a very old townhouse building, and has a loft bedroom – total novelty, I’ve never seen a house in Melbourne quite like it (unsuprisingly). So that’s on the top of the list, then there are a couple of others that are your standard beige carpet, creamy coloured walls apartment, that seem to be everywhere.

As part of the rental application for the houses built after 1978 though, you also have to fill out a Disclosure of Information on Lead-Based Paint and Lead-Based Paint Hazard. Theres a brochure that goes with the disclosure, that has helpful bits of information like: “Keep children from chewing window sills or other painted surfaces.”

(Oh, and the flags? They’re just up infront of so many houses here. It’s a very American thing to do. There was talk about putting up a boxing kangaroo flag infront of this place.)

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