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teva adventure race 2003

the teva adventure race is possibly the most fun i’ve ever had. well, that may be an exaggeration, but it was pretty fun. and although the ropes course over the dam, and the muddy pool of water under the net looked pretty unappealing when seeing them at 7.30 on a damp and foggy morning, they actually weren’t that bad after running and cycling round for kilometres on end.

highlights: diving onto the slip and slide to go through the finish line, and beating the other female team by 2 seconds or so after a last minute sprint; building a billykart (and having it not fall apart as it was pulled around the course, despite some structural integrity problems); flying round the ropes course over the dam in a tractor tyre inner-tube; cruising down the steep and muddy hills after checkpoint 16; finding out jacki and i were the second female team home, and winning treasure; katya and heidi winning spot-prize treasure; still being able to walk afterwards; beating the boys

lowlights: cycling a few kilometres uphill to checkpoint 16; not being able to find one of the checkpoints on the first leg and having everyone overtake us (it wasn’t that bad, we just went exploring a little, and found lots of moss covered rocks) … and that was probably it… getting soaking wet and covered in mud were all fun :)

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