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Recovering in Revelstoke

The Singletrack6 madness was followed by four days of relative relaxation in the Revelstoke campgorund. Suffering from the after effects of heat exhaustion (walking hurt my stomach?) I didn’t get an awful lot of riding done. There was a lot of lazing and reading. But of course a little riding. First on Frisby Ridge… Then I took the boy out on the Macpherson Trails while the others actually went for a proper ride. He’s still riding pedal-free, but is getting better and better on his run-bike. He’s quite the cautious descender though – no madcap rolls down anything and everything … Continue reading Recovering in Revelstoke

Singletrack6 – Day 5 & 6

Day Five – Moonraker Trails, Golden. 58km, 1460m. Waking up cranky and hungry – never a good sign! Catching the bus downtown, getting ready…. maybe raiding the breakfast buffet for some extra food, because I was feeling ravenous… then downtown to the start line. We had a neutral start with the police car leading us out of town again, but this time in the other direction. And once we hit the single track it was pretty obvious I wasn’t feeling it. Didn’t feel like racing, just wanted to relax and enjoy the trails. Because they were fun! I tried to … Continue reading Singletrack6 – Day 5 & 6

Singletrack6 – Day 3 & 4

Day Three – Invermere. 46km, 1200m. Riding in Invermere is all about the excitement and anticipation of early season riding with friends, and the joy of being back on a bike on dirt after a long, long winter. Trails there are dry and dusty when the Canmore trails are still packed with ice and snow, and 15oC in Invermere seems more like 20oC… while 15oC in Canmore seems closer to 10oC. It’s like a little magical mountain bike world we can escape to while winter still has Canmore in its icy grip. So I enjoy riding the trails there, and … Continue reading Singletrack6 – Day 3 & 4

Singletrack6 – Day 1 & 2

Back in the middle of winter, I entered into a competition by Tourism Golden, to win entry into the Singletrack6 MTB stage race. It was going to be the replacement for the old epic Transrockies bike race from Fernie to Canmore. Just with a lot more sleeping in town, a lot less mud, shorter days, and much much more singletrack. But still six days of bike racing. Then when we were on holiday down in Bend, I found out I’d won it. And I was a little bit scared, but quite a lot excited. Day One – West Bragg Creek. … Continue reading Singletrack6 – Day 1 & 2

The trails are dry, so we ride our bikes

The Salty Dog 6hr over in Salmon Arm, BC, marks the official start of the bike season in Canmore. Well, that’s my rule anyway. This year, we really didn’t have much in the way of dry trails in Canmore beforehand – so the greasy muddy trails we ended up having to race on were at least a little better than the snowy trails back at home. Laziness being the better part of valour, I opted to have a team mate this year instead of going solo. In some ways this was actually harder, as I constantly had to be paying … Continue reading The trails are dry, so we ride our bikes

Riding Bikes in Oregon – Part 2 (Smith Rock)

Turning off the highway and driving the final few kilometres to Smith Rock began an exercise in longing for my climbing gear that lasted until I began to realise that it was actually pretty fun to be riding here too. Smith Rock is one of THE North American rock climbing destinations. Birthplace of sport climbing? Maybe. Spectacular rock and views? Definitely. The boy rode his bike for the first few hundred metres, then decided he’d had enough, and for the rest of the day it was just helping Alex with his resistance training. Alex tried to sell me on the … Continue reading Riding Bikes in Oregon – Part 2 (Smith Rock)

Riding bikes in Bend, Oregon – Part 1

The adventure began not with a bike ride, but with a ridiculously long car drive, from Alberta to British Columbia, through Montana, and on to Idaho and then Washington. There we stopped for the first night in Spokane, and the boy roamed the streets on his strider bike. I arrived in Bend the next day in a haze of sleep deprivation, as it started to precipitate on us in a manner suspiciously similar to snow, and we ran to hide in the REI store. And then realised that releasing a recently car-bound small person into an exciting store was a … Continue reading Riding bikes in Bend, Oregon – Part 1

Woohoo, biking on dirt!

Sadly there’s not much in the way of riding photos. Because we were too busy riding. Suffice to say it was an awesome day. Dry trails, sun, warmth, fun singletrack, fantastic riding companions, awesome new bike. Still recovering from a(nother) cold, early season legs. Still good. It was my first time out on the Giant Lust Advanced 2, and I already love it. Looking forward to a fun summer with lots of biking.

Chester Lake

Against my better judgment, we headed over to Chester Lake for some ungroomed skiing – for the first time this winter! The backcountry hasn’t exactly been appealing, so we’ve been sticking to nordic skiing on groomed trails. Sadly everything was a little crusty, and the weather remained pretty overcast, so the old familiar trail wasn’t rendered exciting by awesome weather. Thanks to the crusty trails, we didn’t get the boy to ski much, but he did manage 600m or so once we were up around the lake. The rest of the time he was hanging out on my back in … Continue reading Chester Lake

A day on the hill

A day at the ski hill with the boy. But first, he had to climb the mountain in the car park. After some time in daycare, and then some lunch, we headed out together. And I towed him up to the magic carpet. Mama was only allowed on for one ride, then I was told off if I tried to follow him up the hill. I spent some time skiing backwards, unable to convince him to snow plough (or pizza, as it’s apparently known in these circles) I tried to see if he wanted to ride the Strawberry lift, but … Continue reading A day on the hill

Some skiing

As the boy gets better and better on his skis, we’ve been luring him out to cover longer distances. He doesn’t always want to go skiing though (as evidenced here, as he hangs onto the Chariot for dear life, preventing it from escaping without him. And I did some ski orienteering, with 3 days in a row of events. And then got a little sad when it was all over. Because there’s just something about looking for orange and white markers that seems to make every activity more fun. I also managed to ski 1000km this season, a largely pointless … Continue reading Some skiing

Invasion of PLPP

More new trails! Peter Lougheed Provincial Park is down in K-Country, and has an absolute nest of cross-country ski trails set for classic skiing. And that’s probably why we’ve avoided it for so long. Because up until this winter, we’ve only ever had one pair of classic skis between us, and we’re both much more competent when it comes to skate skiing. Our classic skiing is slow and a little bit painful. PLPP is a lovely spot though, and as we went to explore the trails it snowed and snowed and snowed all day. Not much in the way of … Continue reading Invasion of PLPP

Family Day ski

A little jaunt on Family Day, the Moosling and I headed out to Banff to ski up to Sundance Canyon. We wandered around at the canyon for a bit, then I kept skiing out towards the Brewster Creek trail junction (thinking about skiing as close as I could get to the old trailhead at the bottom of the Sunshine Village access road). But by then my shoulders were getting a bit tired from carrying a great heavy toddler, so after a few hundred metres of winding through the trees, we turned around and skied back to the car. The sky … Continue reading Family Day ski

Monkey metamorphosis

Well, my Monkey is finally beginning to turn into a proper touring bike. I installed the Rohloff, and then some time last year I sent Scott from Porcelain Rocket the sketch below, with a request to make me some bike bags: In November, he finished them up, and I got an awesome early Christmas present. Which I have finally gotten around to photographing! As you can see, he rather awesomely brought my dreams to life. The bags have had a bit of use already, as they’re really handy for longer day trips, and for just biking around town when you … Continue reading Monkey metamorphosis

Getting hardly any distance up Cox Hill

The initial plan was to try and bike/snowshoe up Jumpingpound Ridge. The road to the trailhead was open for logging until some time around the end of January, so we thought we’d give it a shot. Unfortunately, although we probably could have managed to get out there in the trusty little Subaru, there was no guarantee we’d be able to make it back later in the day, once the snow was even sloppier. So, two-thirds of the way along the snowy logging road, we decided a moose in the hand is worth two in the bush, did a little digging, … Continue reading Getting hardly any distance up Cox Hill

Loppet crewing

For once it wasn’t me racing, but Alex. The event was the Lake Louise to Banff Loppet, a cross-country ski race which is usually 70km long, and travels the entire distance from Lake Louise to Banff, but this year was shortened to 50km due to flood damage, finishing 20km before Banff. Alex skied the entire thing solo, while we noble crew cheered him on at the start, then at the exchange points at the end of each of the four legs. It’s a very small-scale event, due to the limitations placed by Parks Canada. There were around 110 people on … Continue reading Loppet crewing

The Grande Tour of the Nordic Centre

The Grande Tour of the Nordic Centre started off as a vague idea I had, that I should really ski all of the trails at the Nordic Centre. And that it should definitely be possible to ski them all in one day. And then I went and mentioned this idea to a couple of fellow lunatics who considered that this may well be a worthy thing to attempt. When it came down to it though, the day we had chosen had the unfortunate problem of TOO MUCH SNOW. It is something you feel terrible complaining about, but it really makes … Continue reading The Grande Tour of the Nordic Centre