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mud and pemmican

Another ride up to Whiteman’s Gap, but without the hike up Ha Ling afterwards. It was cold (well, not really cold in the scheme of things for the Rockies, but cold after the nice 20oC temperatures I’ve become accustomed to), and raining as I cycled into the cloud. This left the dirt road lovely and muddy.     This photo was taken at the top, looking away from town across the dam. It takes just under an hour to bike here from home.     And it only takes about 15 minutes to get from Whiteman’s Gap back down to … Continue reading mud and pemmican

on the rise

We interrupt your regularly scheduled programming with an exhilarating account of Megan’s ascent of Ha Ling Peak.   Bike rests at the pass (note water crackers in drink bottle holder)   The cycle from home, through town, and up the hill to the pass between Mt Lawrence Grassi and Mt Rundle went something like this:   (click to embiggen)   Then the bike was hidden in the trees, and bike shoes were switched for Chaco sandals. And the hike went something like this:             The summit of Ha Ling is at 2407 metres (7897ft), so … Continue reading on the rise

one and a half hours of very little adrenaline and a nice cup of tea

Friday was supposed to be a climbing day, but a sick climbing partner meant that instead I lazed around the house for hours, then eventually took my bike out for a ride to the Nordic Centre, where all the madness of the 24 hours of Adrenaline was just beginning.   My bike narrowly avoids falling off the cliff as it admires the view out across the Bow River and Canmore from near the Nordic Centre   It’s too easy sometimes to be overcome by inertia and stay in the house, but as soon as you leave you wonder what on … Continue reading one and a half hours of very little adrenaline and a nice cup of tea


Well the planning is in motion for cycle touring round Europe for a few months next year. There’s a vague plan of the first couple of weeks of June cycling round Hokkaido in Japan, and then on to drop off extra luggage in Ireland, then ferry to France, and away. I’ve been trying to work out which of my bikes to take – the road bike, the Green Giant:     the mountain bike, the Blue Giant (with slicks on):     or some weird combination thereof, or maybe going single speed? But yesterday I had an epiphany and instead … Continue reading surly

the silliest adventure in some time

It was 8 o’clock in the morning and we had thrown on our backpacks (heavily laden with mountaineering boots, crampons, rope and axes) and leaped on our trusty bicycles. The bicycles had been rescued from the fence outside our house just a few days earlier, after sitting in the snow and ice all winter. It took a while to cut through the locks, but in the end we were rewarded with bikes of … well, dubious quality, but at least they went. After meeting Jody in town and we confirmed all bikes were in working order (although in an attempt … Continue reading the silliest adventure in some time

the joys of the state capital

Well when I was out and about in Canberra (once I finally got there) my bike and I had some fun cruising around the place. The cunning plan of bringing my bike with me as check-on luggage, assembling at the airport, riding off, and then re-packing for the flight home, worked pretty well. I also found some swans in Lake Burley Griffin. Thankfully they didn’t attack me when they discovered I wasn’t carrying any bread.

luang prabang – the wonder years

The overnight bus was an experience. We’re still too used to being in Australia, and are alarmed when they haul a moped onto the roof of the bus by hand, and tie it on (along with the rest of our luggage). I gain an appreciation of Thai and Laos karaoke, and am enthralled by Thai kung fu movies with tuk-tuk chases. The 5am arrival in Luang Prabang lets us watch the sunrise … if we could be bothered… Most of the first day is spent asleep, and then watching locals play bocce by the side of the road. This is … Continue reading luang prabang – the wonder years

recommendations #34: hit and run

I recommend not colliding with cars. I was riding in a bike lane the other afternoon, heading straight. Then suddenly there was a car in front of me – he had been coming from the opposite direction, and was turning in front of me to go into a side street on my side of the road. He saw me when he was already at the bike lane, and accelerated to try and make it through in front of me. He almost made it, but even with my braking, I still ran into the side of him, towards the back of … Continue reading recommendations #34: hit and run

alleycat and afterwards

Melburn Massive was the madness of a prequel event for the bike messenger world championships in Sydney next weekend. A bike monopoly game, mini bike races, tall bike jousting, skid competitions, and much other silliness. The blur of bikes coming and going from the Docklands checkpoint in the alleycat race… Bikes fill the alley at post-alleycat drinks…

then your man’s Sane Jack O’Hooligan, the man hating goat murderer of Dingle Bay

Yesterday took me on a 93km bike ride, out to the hippy markets at St Andrews and back. Beautiful warm weather, and a fantastic day to be out riding. Found an alpaca farm, and a goat. And I had two lunches, hoorah. But now it’s back to work at the laptop. In my spare time, if I’m not on my bike, or doing any of those necessary things like obtaining food, eating food, or cleaning things, then I’m working on my thesis. Type type type… type type. Doesn’t make for many exciting adventures. But once it’s over there will be … Continue reading then your man’s Sane Jack O’Hooligan, the man hating goat murderer of Dingle Bay

injection moulding

New bike helmet was purchased on Saturday. Fear it’s shinyness, and awesome ability to protect my head. New helmet was made necessary as the old one suddenly didn’t fit so well. Not well at all. I haven’t yet weighed the cut off dreads, but I’m pretty sure they tip the scales at a decent amount. It’s nice to be able to move my head around again. And I met a sheep when I went out cycling on the weekend. I found her when cycling in random places a few years ago, and then somehow ended up in the same place … Continue reading injection moulding