yes, we have no bananas

More on food, again. This time I’ve been pondering bananas. It’s been months since I’ve had one. And oh how I miss them. But good old Cyclone Larry wiped out 80 percent of Australia’s banana crop in March, and we don’t go importing bananas, as they may be diseased. Meanwhile, the bananas that are around are costing more than 500 percent more than they used to. Meaning prices up around $12-$15/kilogram, rather than $2-$3/kilogram. So these days, a banana can cost you three dollars. They’re only for the rich people. Something or other is on the horizon though, apparently bananas are going to start reappearing in mid-September, and banana availability and prices will be back to normal by December-January. I think I might hold a party.

6 thoughts on “yes, we have no bananas”

  1. wow, no bananas. I heard about that when it happened, but have forgotten to ask people how it has affected them. No banana smoothies. No banana on cereal. Awful. I would send some, except bananas don’t travel all that well. Hang in there!!

  2. And no banana pancakes, no bananas to take with you when you go out cycling, and the fish and chip shop down the road doesn’t make banana fritters anymore. And the shop at Uni doesn’t sell slices of banana bread anymore, as it’s gotten too expensive.

  3. And no ” what is that squished brown thing beneath the laptop in my bag”? moments….see there is some good in this

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