Winter running

Some shots taken while out running so far this year…

Out on the Highline Trail, towards Three Sisters

Highline Trail again, dropped down to the creek crossing at the Three Sisters end of the trail

Leftover Christmas baubles by the Bow River

Ahhh, lunch break runs – Bow River again

The Highline, after a little wind and sun, everything was a bit debris covered and glazed

Running the Frozen Ass 50 in Calgary on Monday – never doing 50km on asphalt again. And actually, a good reminder to actually log some running miles before a long event. The first 25km was fine. The second 25km was a spiraling descent into the pits of despair, as my IT band started gnashing and wailing and causing me large amounts of pain and misery. The minestrone soup at the end was delicious though, and the addition of kale made me feel like a thorough hippy.

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