Simpson Pass – Healy Pass touring

With the wee Moosling safely in daycare, Alex and I headed out with friends for one of our rare “doing-stuff-together-without-toddler” adventures.

We headed up to the top of Wawa chair, and then skinned out across the meadows, dropping down through the tress to Simpson Pass for some surprisingly spectacular untracked powder.

Unfortunately our awesome tree run ended all too soon, and then it was the interminable slog across to Healy Pass.

Despite threats to the contrary, the ski to Healy Pass didn’t last forever though, and so eventually we crested the pass, took some photos, admired how well we’d coordinated our outfits for the day, considered banding together as a singing/skiing group “The Snow Wiggles”, and then removed our skins and headed downhill.

On the way out we ran into a couple with super skinny skis and incredibly enormous backpacks (not literally, thankfully, although there are portions of that downhill track where I could definitely see that happening if you weren’t careful). Hopefully they had fun camping, as the skiing portion of their trip didn’t look enviable.

And then we even made it out in time to pick up the Moosling from daycare! All in all, a complete success.

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