Frozen Thunder is here! The first ski of the season.

The first ski of the season, and the Moosling’s first ski as a two year old, with considerably better control of his legs than before.

We took it in turn to do a couple of laps each, while the other held Moosling hands, and helped him skitter up and down hills. He was very keen to run down the hills, as he hasn’t yet got the hang of the fact that all he has to do is balance, and the skis will whoosh him down the hill of their own accord.

At any rate, he seems to like this “keeing” thing.

(Oh, and Frozen Thunder is the little loop of trail that the Nordic Centre puts down in October, using some snow they saved up from the year before – no, really, they just make a big pile of snow and cover it in sawdust and things, and then dig it out to use 7 months or so later)

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