Out along the Cascade Fire Trail

An overnight bike trip out along the Cascade Fire Trail

Past the Cascade River, and out towards the Warden’s Cabin

Dropping down the side trail to the Stoney Creek Warden’s Cabin – Laura towing her Bob trailer

Suddenly we’re back in the 1940s… or perhaps a post-apocalyptic world

Studying the map.

Warden’s Cabin at night

Playing hide-and-seek in the cupboard (notice the feet peeping out)

The biking crew

Our loon – he was by the side of the trail, injured, and making loon noises. We called Parks, but they were saying there’s probably not much hope for him, as if they take him and look after him, he’ll probably die, and if he’s put into a lake that belongs to another loon, he’ll be killed. Poor loon.

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