The Icefields Parkway tourist expedition

Bow Lake was freezing cold of course, but not so cold a toddler couldn’t demand to have his shoes and socks taken off, and then run in and out of it.

Touristing Aunt and Cousin, and photo-bombing toddler

Playing on the boardwalk at the Columbia Icefields Centre

Running out to Nigel Pass and back again – it’s a 10 minute drive to the trailhead from the Icefields Centre, and then about 14km return with less than 300 metres of climbing to go all the way to the Pass and back. We didn’t quite go all the way, as we were trying to fit in around having sent everyone else off on an Icefields glacier tour which didn’t last quite long enough. But a nice alternative to Parker Ridge if you want to do something quick while having visitors entertained nearby.

2 thoughts on “The Icefields Parkway tourist expedition”

  1. Nowhere does it mention the Moosling demanded his mother take off her shoes to walk barefoot up a gravel path just like him and his cousin! And she did! 2 year old Moosling is VERY forceful!

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