Spring skiing at Lake Louise

We spent Monday enjoying the free snow at Lake Louise. They’ve stayed open an extra week because the snow is so good – and it really is! There’s still snow all the way to the lodge, even if it does get a bit mucky towards the end. And thanks to their (as Brendan put it) either random generosity or attempt to deviously poach pass holders from other resorts, we got to ski for free (thanks to having passes to Sunshine Village).

The extra week of skiing lasts until this Sunday, but was gorgeous on a warm and sunny weekday. No crowds, and lots of slush all to ourselves! And very nice slush it was too. I even forgot my gloves, and didn’t get cold hands – ahhh, Spring skiing.

We wandered up to Lake Louise afterwards, which is looking less than inspiring at the moment. Still covered in snow and ice, with hoards of tourists tromping back and forth across it. It will be a while before all the lakes have melted properly, and we have the hiking trails back again. I’m beginning to wonder if I should buy some snowshoes, or just invest in a little more patience.

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