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First Ha Ling Peak hike of the year :)

On a gorgeous sunny February afternoon, we decided to hike up Ha Ling. It was packed snow all the way, except when we finally got above the tree line, the snow cleared entirely in the end. Very nice conditions!

When we reached the top, the Moosling’s jacket was stashed in a pack that hadn’t made it to the top yet. So he had run around in my down vest. Very on trend.

There was barely a breeze too, perfect conditions up there.

And then the Moosling tried to descend on his own – this didn’t last long.

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Have we got someone related to the abominable snowman amongst us…. that’s some look with the vest on.

oh my–this picture of him trying to scutter down the cliff, into the abyss, make this mama’s heart jump. oh the terror!

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