things in the usa which are different, but about which i have no strong feelings one way or another (part 2 in a 3 part series)

    All petrol stations seem to have the pay stations at the pump, so you don’t have to go inside to pay
    People keep saying ‘excuse me’ just to signify they’re walking past you (which kept making me jump until I got used to it)
    People have a greater tendency to be loud and excessively enthusiastic about things
    Flags everywhere – not just USA flags, but flags for St. Patricks day, flags for Valentines Day, and so on
    Lots of parades, filled with marching bands and cheerleaders
    People being excessively excited about college sports (and as a result, universities having enormous football stadiums)
    Traffic being on the other side of the road – sounds obvious, but it makes crossing the street far more interesting, and also means keeping to the right side of the pavement
    Everyone uses tumble dryers
    Needing a card for the store to be able to get grocery store specials
    People ignoring the speed limit on freeways (no fixed speed cameras, as they’d infringe on peoples civil liberties)
    Sultanas are on the shelves as currants
    Plain flour is all purpose flour
    Choc bits are semi sweet morsels
    Petrol is called gas. So is gas.
    Toilet paper is labelled ‘bathroom tissue’
    Rubbish is trash
    Crisps are called chips, which is fair enough
    But chips are called french fries! (or freedom fries… or fries)
    People use the phrase ‘good enough for government work’
    Excess use of non-electric kettles
    The huge range of chips and cookie dough and brownie mix in supermarkets
    Creamer powder instead of milk
    herbs = ‘erbs
    They call scones ‘biscuits’, and give them away with take away food
    And then they call biscuits ‘cookies’
    Instead of “eat in or takeaway” you get asked “for here or to go” which ends up being pronounced “fahrerortehgo” which confused the hell out of me a few times before I realised what was going on
    The traffic cones are enormous things you can fit inside of, rather than wear on your head
    Cheese is orange
    The light switches are upside down
    Coffee and cookies vs tea and biscuits
    University is abbreviated to Uni
    Mosquitos aren’t mossies
    They think utes are trucks

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I’m sorry, but I don’t believe you can have no strong feelings either way about the abundance of cookie dough and brownie mixture.

Hah, you’d think so hey – but I never actually bought any of the cookie dough, and I only bought brownie mix once, and then I just made up the brownies and gave them to other people. Unlikely, but true.

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