i find love in the yukon

After nearly a year in Canada I had still found no other moose. Growing lonely, I decided to travel to the Yukon, where I was assured that hundreds of moose would be roaming the streets.



Our first night out of Whitehorse we camped in Moose Creek Campground. This sounded promising, but no moose resulted.

We drove northwards, looking out eagerly for moose. The road between Whitehorse and Dawson City was boring and moose-free. So we headed on to the Dempster Highway. First stop was at Two Moose Lake, where we’d heard that mooses often roam



And there was a moose! Here is a photo of me posing with the moose in the lake in the background.



This is the moose in the lake. She was shy though, and did not come up to say hello. I sat and marvelled at her, then had to move on.



And that was when I met the second moose! Her name is Sharlene and we’re maintaining correspondence at the moment. She says she might come and visit me in the Rockies one day.



The rest of the trip is a bit of a blur to be honest. All I could think of was Sharlene. We made it to the Arctic Circle though. Didn’t see any more moose.

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