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yukon, ho!

Yukon River paddling. Drifting along in the current. Serenity. Eagles. Splashing paddles. A deserted island (except for the Swiss). Camp. A beaver! Marauding insects. Dinner. Hanging food out of reach of animals. Can bears swim? Random haircuts. Cards. Ever-present sunlight. Sleeping bag. Sleep. Sleep-in. Lake Laberge. No more fast current. Tail wind. Wind blown waves. Paddle paddle paddle paddle. Shuttle to Whitehorse. Icecream. Aeroplane. Home.   Mum and Emma     Me in a boat – I got to sit in the back, and hence got control of the rudder, fun!     The morning view from our island   … Continue reading yukon, ho!

nobody expects the spanish inquisition!

Back in January I got hold of a cheap second-hand kayak, from a guy who made his own. He liked to experiment and then move on to bigger and better things. It wasn’t particularly neatly made. And the paint job was pretty … interesting. It looked like it had been painted with the same paint that is used for metal-working machinery – that dimpled metallic stuff. And it had been slapped on thick, with nice dribbles all over the place. A quality paint job. I’d decided a while ago to strip it back and re-finish it, and finally got around … Continue reading nobody expects the spanish inquisition!

the importance of catering

So, up at 5.40am to drive to Alex’s so we can pack up the car and head off to Lysterfield Lake Park, site of the Kathmandu Maximum Adventure Race (I’m a bit dubious about their claim of ‘maximum’ adventure – there was a reasonable proportion of adventure, but room for improvement). A cold and mizzly Spring morning, fog hangs above the lake as we huddle around inflating the two-person kayaks. The race starts with a sprint for the kayaks – a sprint for the kayak that we actually inflated rather than one of the others, as some of the teams … Continue reading the importance of catering