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When Minnewanka rides get out of hand

The one problem with riding Lake Minnewanka is that it’s an out and back. And it’s a busy and out back, popular with hikers and bikers alike. And so when we rode out, and reached the cabin, I was happy to keep going, and put off the return journey. I’d never ridden past the cabin before (it’s at 15km, and makes for a nice 30km round trip) and Minnewanka was inĀ great late season condition. And so we got up towards the end of the lake. The terrain becomes more technical, and it’s much harder to ride everything. There was almost … Continue reading When Minnewanka rides get out of hand

the ghost

The Ghost River Wilderness Area is an amazing place. Hiking in We hiked in to climb Fang and Fist, WI5. Before this, the hardest thing I’d climbed was WI3 (or maybe WI3+). Fang and Fist This photo was stolen from the Interwebs – it was taken not long ago, so the climb looks roughly the same now. Because when we arrived at it, I was too busy being terrified by how steep it was (and wondering if I’d actually be able to climb it) to think of taking photos. The mission was successful though. Despite my fear that my arms … Continue reading the ghost