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Moar Cupcakes

  Chocolatey cupcakes of goodness   These are the Divine Chocolate Cupcakes with Best Buttercream Frosting from Baked in Maine. They’re a lot less sweet than the M&M cupcakes. Which means you can eat more. (Also I’m getting the hang of doing the icing, hoorah) The cupcakes * 2 cups flour (sub. 1 cup whole wheat flour) * 2 cups sugar * 4 heaped Tbsp cocoa * 226gm butter * 1 cup boiling water * ½ cup buttermilk (I make my own by adding lemon juice to milk) * 2 eggs * 1 tsp baking soda * 1 tsp vanilla … Continue reading Moar Cupcakes

precious precious treasure

After a day spent chasing the UPS truck around the suburbs, I finally managed to get my parcel of Australian treasure – it’s glorious, just look at it: (This doesn’t mean that all of you who have promised me food don’t have to send it now! There are some obvious things missing – timtams anyone? … Send more food! I’m starving over here! Starving I tell you! All of the chocolate tastes like cooking chocolate, and has peanut butter in it.)

m&m craziness

I’ve just discovered the most amazing thing. Go to the m&m shop, and you can create your own blend up m&m’s, choosing from 21 colours. They have teal m&m’s! And maroon! And gold and silver! Oh, and there’s even pre-mixed packs – such as the Silk and Lace Wedding Pack with light purple and white. Or the Holiday Hannukah pack in blue and white. You can even get them custom printed with your own message.