10 thoughts on “free! free i tell you!”

  1. oh wow, that was a little bit more dramatic than expected. Is there any hair left? Was it done in order to improve aerodynamics for the Mont 24 hr?

  2. There’s some hair left – a few inches anyway. I cut the dreads off short then combed out. And there was about twice as much length of normal hair than there was of dread. And it has successfully improved general aerodynamics… weeeeeeehhhhh

  3. awesome!

    i can imagine how free your head is feeling. i remember cutting off my long, long curls and i kept moving my head too fast still compensating for my cut-off locks.

    and i can’t wait to see your new hair cut. :)


    ps did we get the free socks???

  4. Well D’Niece, have to say about time. Your grandmother even said she’d help hold you down. Shall we say a momentous occasion. Can we see a photo of what your hair now looks like. I can provide a younger version if required- the cute sort.

  5. alex – Yes, I expect hydrodynamics to be greatly improved now

    helen – I’ve been doing the overcompensating thing too. Aah, it feels so good to be able to swing my head around without a huge weight on it.

    Aunt H – There will be a photo eventually – the only one I have at the moment isn’t particularly good. And are you trying to say I don’t look cute now!?

  6. You only did that to ride the 24hr race faster, didn’t you? ;)

    Goodbye dreads, I hardly knew you.

  7. Yes, yes I did. Or so I could have an excuse to buy a new fancy helmet.

    And I can mail them to you if you want to get to know them better.

  8. Woo – always wanted dreads. Or, cheap hair extensions!

    Actually, there’s something quite creepy about dreads arriving by mail. It’s like a minor version of finding a horse’s head in your bed. How about posting them to Jackie with a note made from letters cut out of newspaper that says “YoU’Re NexT!”?

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