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Getting crafty

A side-effect of not knowing whether the impending moosling will be a girl or a boy, is that I’ve ended up with a whole bunch of white clothes. And now I’ve finished work, I’ve had a lot of time on my hands (especially as my pelvic ligaments are too sore to let me walk very far). So I’ve been busy turning these:



Into these:



Dyeing fabric is every so much fun, now I just want to dye everything in the house – and the dyes I got created really good bright colours that shouldn’t wash out… well I’ve already washed them with white things, and the whites are still white… until I dye them too.

And then using stencils:


I make the stencils from freezer paper – draw your design on, cut out with a stanley knife, iron onto fabric and paint away.


To make these:





Why yes, I am having fun getting all crafty. It’s been a while.

canada general moosling

Nestlé really are evil

I got all excited when a parcel notification turned up in my mailbox. So I hurried myself over to the post office, and was handed a nice heavy exciting looking parcel. I had no idea what it could be though! Keys to the ready, I ripped it open, and was faced with a Nestlé backpack filled with a huge tin of baby formula, and a Baby’s First Formula Feeding Kit and a fancy booklet telling me all about how awesome their formula was (although of course not as good as breastmilk, it was still super super awesome, and filled with many vitamins and nutrients, and I should take it to hospital with me).



After some sleuthing, I realised they probably got my address after I gave it to the people at the store where I bought some maternity-wear. Which teaches me for giving my address to people.