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more life in mexico

Volcanoes climbed: One, Nevado de Toluca




Although I use the word ‘climbed’ loosely. It was more of a ‘drive to the top and then walk for 10 minutes’. But it was high (over 15,000 ft). The fourth highest in Mexico.

Kidnappings and muggings while in Mexico City: None

Candy and tacos eaten: Lots

Time spent in Queretaro: Two days, now I´m moving on up north, to go climbing, and to play in a river



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halo from mexico

As of yesterday I’m currently enjoying the wonderful world of 30c tacos and lots of old-style VW beetles in Mexico City. Have successfully avoided being kidnapped so far. The city is slightly crazy, and we should be escaping soon, and heading for countryside adventures. Note to self – must learn Spanish.

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haha, i’m in colorado

It’s a lot flatter than I expected. Climbed by moonlight last night. Nothing to see here, move along.

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weeee! back now. thailand was fantastic. there were chickens everywhere. some photos below, but there’s a proper gallery coming.

Thailand trip: 27th January – 19th February 2004

Jackie coming up the first pitch on Ao Nang Tower.

Playing hacky sack on Ton Sai Beach.

The longtail boatride home from Krabi.

Ton Sai Beach.

The view from the top of Wat Tham Seua.

Val on the Lion King (6c+).

Bouldering at Railay East.

Kicking back outside the Chillout Bar.



Sunset from Ton Sai Beach.

Wat Tham Seua.

Jungle internet.

A longtail all dressed up for the cliff wedding.

Catching the local bus to Krabi.

Val on Babes In Thailand.

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leaving for thailand

hooray, leaving for thailand today. not going to eat any chickens, kiss any chickens, or sacrifice any chickens. hopefully that should prevent any fatal bird flu incidents. nearly packed now. well, who am i kidding, i have a pile and a list, that’s close enough.

(oh, and as an update on the tick incident, apparently my skin became infected, which has led to two of the lymph glands behind my ear becoming swollen and pressing on things. i now have antibiotics. note to self: don’t get ticks)