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Elizabeth Parker hut trip (Day 3)

Day Three of the hut trip was mostly about the toboggan run. Ok, some of it was about eating, and there was the small matter of skiing out somehow, but other than that, it was a toboggan run day. Small children – they really do come in handy for hauling even smaller children around. By this stage, the run was well worn in, and so aside from a few small adjustments, it was mostly just about trekking up the hill, and then sliding back down it. And so we slid down… And down… And down… And sometimes the whole family … Continue reading Elizabeth Parker hut trip (Day 3)

Elizabeth Parker hut trip (Day 2)

And so the second day dawned beautifully. After breakfast, and the requisite sitting about, we decided to get out and build the Epic Toboggan Run. (The Moosling thinks everything is epic these days) After a fair bit of digging and compaction, we started sending down some sleds. And then a whale, in a short-lived return of alpine whaling. It turns out whales don’t handle cold temperatures very well, they’re better suited for spring conditions. The toboggan run was a hit otherwise, with constant laps up and down the hill. Back in the hut, it was time for snacks, lunch, and … Continue reading Elizabeth Parker hut trip (Day 2)

Elizabeth Parker hut family trip again! (Day 1)

The family hut trips last winter were so fun, we decided then to book out Elizabeth Parker hut and do it all over again this winter. And my resulting blog posts are apparently so photo-laden that I’m going to split up the trip day by day. Filling up an entire hut with friends is wonderful fun, but definitely a little involved – especially thanks to the National Parks need to buy wilderness passes on top of paying the hut fee… and then depending where you get the wilderness pass, you need to pay an additional booking fee, and argh! But … Continue reading Elizabeth Parker hut family trip again! (Day 1)

Stanley Mitchell hut trip

Another weekend, another hut trip – it must be summer in the Canadian Rockies. This time around we were heading out to spend two nights¬†in the¬†Stanley Mitchell hut. In the carpark we decided to hike in via the Iceline – the weather was so nice, and who knows what the next couple of days would bring. Plus there was the added advantage of getting the uphill over and done with first thing. At least that was the theory. We had three small hikers hiking in with us, and a fourth so small that she was carried the whole way in. … Continue reading Stanley Mitchell hut trip

The luge run

One particularly amazing edition to our Elizabeth Parker hut trip, aside from the maze and quinzee, was the luge run we built up behind the hut. Referring to something so epic as a mere toboggan track would be inadequate. There was a lot of engineering that went into the design, and some epic berms were built. But it was still difficult to design a track to handle such a variety of sled weights, and so there were parents stationed at a few tree-well points along the way. Which was good, as kids on toboggans went flying over the berms a … Continue reading The luge run

Easter at Elizabeth Parker hut

This was a trip that came about in a more unusual way than most. I met Tanya through Instagram, where she posts as @mountainmomyyc. And we started chatting, in an online kind of way, and she said “Hey, we should go on an adventure together some time” – and I agreed. So when one of the families had to drop out of the Elizabeth Parker hut trip she had planned for Easter, I was among the families she shouted out the invitation to. And as we’d just had a fantastic fun trip up there, we jumped at the chance. And … Continue reading Easter at Elizabeth Parker hut

Lake O’Hara – I think this might be paradise

A gloriously cunning plan came together at the last minute, after our original weekend plans were scuppered. I sat refreshing the Lake O’Hara website until I saw that someone had cancelled and there was a free night of camping for either Friday or Saturday night. I missed the first Saturday, and then a Friday spot, but was successful in snagging the next Friday spot that someone had cancelled – presumably because they didn’t fancy the rain-filled forecast. Due to the afore-mentioned rain, we didn’t bother booking the early bus up. Instead we opted for the 3.30pm bus, and while the … Continue reading Lake O’Hara – I think this might be paradise

Emerald Lake ski trails

The original plan was to ski up to Lake O’Hara. But there was TOO MUCH SNOW! And so we kept driving to Emerald Lake, where there was still a lot of snow, and it was snowing, but at least it all seemed a bit more manageable, and we had never been there before, in summer or winter. At first we headed out into the trees, along the Connector Trail. It was pretty, but uninspiring skiing, and we turned around when we reached the part of the trail with avalanche danger. Then after a snack we scooted out onto the lake, … Continue reading Emerald Lake ski trails

Running the Iceline

The cunning plan for the day was to go and run the Iceline Trail in Yoho National Park. The added difficulty was having to take it in turns, so we didn’t have to tie the Moosling to a tree with nothing more than a bottle of water, a toasted cheese sandwich, and a can of bear spray to defend himself. Alex got to run first, heading off at 8.40am from the Takkakaw Falls carpark. He headed straight up onto the Iceline from there. Meanwhile, back at the river we wandered about, threw stones, and checked out the relief map of … Continue reading Running the Iceline

Sort of running the Rockwall in the rain

Thanks to the generosity of visiting family, Alex and I had a day to throw ourselves at any crazy adventure we fancied, without the company of a toddler. Of course, the weather forecast threatened rain. We laughed in the face of the weather forecast, and decided to go and hike/run the Rockwall trail anyway. We’d never been on any of the Rockwall trails before, so were excited despite the rather ominous looking weather. The Autumn colours were gorgeous, and the views better than expected as we set off through burnt-out forest and crossed avalanche paths, having left our car behind … Continue reading Sort of running the Rockwall in the rain

Ross Lake Circuit

Another day, another ski trip. This time to Yoho National Park, and with the Moosling in the Ergo rather than in the Chariot. Around the 9.5km Ross Lake circuit, the route description runs as follows: From the Lake O’Hara parking lot, follow Highway 1A until you reach the Ross Lake trail head sign on your right. The trail climbs gradually for 1.3 km to this small lake bounded by a great rock wall. Turn west at the lake and continue for 3.2 km to the Lake O’Hara fire road. Turn north (right) at the fire road to return to the … Continue reading Ross Lake Circuit

The Lake O’Hara Expedition

Seeing as Finn was nearly seven months old, we’d been thinking it was high time he went out for an overnight ski tour. Then the other night we were having dinner with friends, and over cupcakes and charades a plot was hatched. The next day five of us, plus baby, were booked into Elizabeth Parker Hut. It’s roughly a 12 km ski in, 11.5km of that on a nice wide road. The way in is mostly uphill (although I questioned this later, as the way back seemed to be about half uphill as well). And as you ski along, there … Continue reading The Lake O’Hara Expedition