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The mighty Yamnuska

This was my first time on Yamnuska – it’s one of a few classic local destinations that has been on my list of places to go for a while. I had an afternoon free, and Sarah was keen to come along with the dogs, and so we thought we’d see how far we could go with them. The answer? Not past the chains, but dogs that are happy to scramble a little can definitely make it that far. It was a sort-of trail running day. The running was slow and a little unenthusiastic (recovering from illness, jetlag and three weeks … Continue reading The mighty Yamnuska

all things considered, this day gets a D-

Pro I got to have a sleep-in, because I was doing the Yamnuska Leading on Ice course today. Con Our Jeep still isn’t working, so I had to leave the house early to cycle to the Yamnuska Office. Pro Riding around town is always fun, and it was fairly warm this morning. Con I arrived at the offices at 8am (as it instructed on the email I got) and everyone else had apparently been there since 7.30, and they’d been having a pre-course briefing. Pro I got to carpool with a nice Japanese girl. Con The other car which held … Continue reading all things considered, this day gets a D-