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ice-capades on a frozen lake

Looking through the guidebook for an ice climb to do on a windy day with high avalanche risk, we struck upon the climbs down by the edge of Lake Minnewanke. The guidebook told us that the first ascent team had used iceskates to get to the climbs – but for later in the season recommended bikes. “Ok”, we thought, “bikes it is, that sounds like a great idea”.   Walking the bikes across Lake Minnewanke   Arriving at the lake we had to hunt around for a while to find a good place to get onto the ice – neither … Continue reading ice-capades on a frozen lake

almost entirely unlike the edge of a knife

Mount Lady Macdonald – with an altitude of 2,606 m (8,550 ft) gives a 1200 metre elevation gain hiking from town. It was named in 1886 after Susan Agnes Macdonald, wife of Sir John A. Macdonald, the first Prime Minister of Canada (this is what wikipedia claims anyway, but there are all sorts of made-up things slipping in there these days, we all know Canada doesn’t even have a Prime Minister). A typical 9 o’clock start had us leaving the house around 10 (we being Siggs and I, not Alex, who is stuck doing 14+ hour days at work this … Continue reading almost entirely unlike the edge of a knife

grotto mountain

I started off on this hike with the vague idea that it would only take a couple of hours. I mean, the mountain’s just there! In my backyard! Surely it shouldn’t take too long to walk to the top. As I stumbled out the front door, I noticed snow on all of the surrounding mountains – ooohhh, that’s right, it was raining last night, I guess it must have been colder than I realised – curse this ‘Summer’ of the Canadian Rockies. And then I could have turned around and picked up my gaiters, but it seemed warm, surely it … Continue reading grotto mountain

the south america round-up

kitten fishing in santiago de chile mendoza, argentina the southest i’ve ever been arriving in patagonia parque nacional torres del paine around the park into bolivia hot-tubbing bolivian style my very first geyser (a.k.a. i can see why safety fences are sometimes a good idea) through the altiplano hotel de sal (yes i licked the walls) salar de uyuni uyuni, bolivia lake titicaca cusco, peru inka trail – day one inka trail – day two inka trail – day three inka trail to machu picchu lima, peru screaming slugs – the highlights


Just to prove that you’re never too old to get excited about dinosaurs, we went to the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) in Toronto, and gazed awestruck at all of the dinosaur skeletons they had. I’m pretty sure there were other things we looked at too (in fact there were probably even some real live Galapagos tortoises there as part of a display about the life of Charles Darwin), but the dinosaurs are all I really remember. Even if they had changed the diplodocus so it doesn’t put it’s head up any more, and had a label explaining how scientists now … Continue reading dinosaurs!

lima, peru

After all of the encouraging words we’d read about Lima, we weren’t particularly looking forward to spending any time there. A guidebook I’d read before leaving basically suggested: “If you spend only a couple of days there, and see the main sites, you might not hate it.”   Armoured vehicles with sub machine guns by Plaza de Armas, the main square in downtown Lima   And maybe there’s not much there to see if you’re keen on going to museums and art galleries and general tourist attractions. But it’s not that bad. The main thing that tipped it into favour … Continue reading lima, peru

inka trail to machu picchu

  And the clouds cleared, and as they descended from Inti Punku there was light! And sun!   To beat the crowds to the gate we were up at 4am and queueing to get stamped onwards. Light was already appearing in the sky as we walked towards Inti Punku, and soon headlamps were discarded as I managed to find a quiet section of trail with noone infront of behind, and could pretend I was meandering along on my own. From Inti Punku we caught our first glimpse of Machu Picchu as the sun rose. Well, that was the idea. The … Continue reading inka trail to machu picchu

the heartbreak of a moose-less canada trip

My trip to Canada was notable for its complete lack of mooses. I thought British Columbia would be a hotbed of roadside and campsite moose activity, but it wasn’t to be. I feel cheated. There were quite a few chipmunks however. (The more interaction I have with chipmunks, the more I’m convinced that they’re vaguely evil. They have a tendency to try and stalk you, which is more unnerving than it should be.) On arriving in Vancouver, we received a rather alarming grilling from the immigration official – it went on from the fairly reasonable ‘So how do you know … Continue reading the heartbreak of a moose-less canada trip

gankiest gunks trip

And so on the Friday evening just past, we were loitering at the airport, waiting to pick up my housemate from Australia. And buildering on anything we could find, as we got there early, and her flight was delayed… layback symmetry, in the Dulles airport carpark. There was more driving than climbing over the course of the weekend; hot and humid, we were sliming off holds in the sun all over the place. Perhaps not the best weather to climb at the Gunks (=Shawangunks Mountain Range, New York State). Particularly after arriving at 4am Saturday morning, and only catching a … Continue reading gankiest gunks trip

the red rocks trip report

DISCLAIMER The Red Rocks Trip Report by Megan is a work of fiction. Any references to real people, living or dead; and real events, businesses, organisations, and locales are intended only to give the fiction a sense of reality and authenticity. All names, characters, places and incidents either are the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously, and their resemblance, if any, to real-life counterparts is entirely coincidental. (and it’s also very long)