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rogers pass

First trip out to Rogers Pass – three days in Asulkan Valley, staying at Asulkan Cabin. Below the glaciers, above the trees – it snowed the whole time we were there, so visibility wasn’t great, but the tree skiing was excellent. Starting out on the trail – sorting out packs. Skinning up to the hut Alex, telemarking down again Asulkan Cabin – the skin collection hung a lot thicker first thing in the morning, half of the people in the hut had already headed off by the time this photo was taken. James contemplating the skin back up. The view … Continue reading rogers pass

hurrah for the pineapple express

Over the last week or so, a nice big flow of warm moist air has been sweeping over here from Hawaii – the particular weather pattern is referred to as the Pineapple Express, and is renowned for bringing large dumps of snow. We got 50 or 60 cm over a few days, and the snow has kept trickling in since. Today was the first day with much blue sky since all the snow arrived to cover the diminishing base…   Heading up to the top of Lookout Mountain   Not a bad view to ski to


And more snow. Soft and fluffy for a weekend at Mt Stirling, infinitely more appealing than paying $95 for a lift ticket to queue at Mt Buller. Pointing and laughing at the people over on Buller Because the snow? The snow was good. And we hardly had to share – certainly not with millions of snivelling school kids. Tree lurking on horizon line as the sun sets. Skiier lurking suspiciously on snow-covered mountain as the sun sets. Then came the snow shovel races! Meanwhile, we spent the weekend cowering in fear in the face of the fluoro yellow pants of … Continue reading snow!!

it’s a hard life

Went to Snowshoe in West Virginia on the weekend. On top of all the snow they’d already been getting, there was 6 inches of new fresh powder on Friday night. It kept snowing all day Saturday, and was a bit foggy too, which led to fun as I checked out new runs, with the visibility suddenly plummeting down to 10 metres. The skiing was still great though. Sunday was beautiful and clear and warm (though a bit windy round the top of the mountain). I checked out the feared Western Territory and discovered the black runs there, although 1.5 miles … Continue reading it’s a hard life