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Pigeon Mountain

Picking hikes in spring is always a bit tricky. Trails have started to dry, snow has kind of melted – but there are still snow patches and ices lurking about the place. It was really a bit too early to try hiking Pigeon Mountain. Based on what you could see from the road, Alex was convinced it would be dry – I was a little more dubious, but figured a little snow wouldn’t kill us. We set off fairly late – it was afternoon by the time we started hiking. The day was sunny and warm, but slightly unsettled. I … Continue reading Pigeon Mountain

the epic spring powder dump

So at the point when we were all getting a bit sick of the snow, and hoping rain would come to wash it away so we could go climbing and hiking and biking, and enjoy Summer … that was when one of the biggest dumps of the season came. It started snowing on Wednesday night – we woke up Thursday morning to heavy snow. And it kept coming, and coming, and coming. More snow. We walked into town, and had trouble keeping our eyes open with the snow. We got saturated, as it was wet heavy snow, and there was … Continue reading the epic spring powder dump


Well, it’s comparitively warm, and quite definitely wet. I think Spring has definitely sprung in DC. Cherry blossoms that remembered to blossom. Flags outside the J. Edgar Hoover FBI Building in DC. “… and of course we’ll have a flag out the front of the building.” “How about two flags? One at either end? That would create a bit of a statement wouldn’t it?” “Well, it would certainly demonstrate the patriotism of the FBI.” “You know, I think it would be even more patriotic if we had more flags…” There’s a thunderstorm rolling in at the moment (accompanied by a … Continue reading sprung