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S24O stands for sub 24-hour overnight bike camping trip, for those of you out there who aren’t into all the cool acronyms the kids use these days. After getting the Moosling to bed on Saturday night, I loaded up my bike, and headed out for a solo overnight adventure in the snow – just for fun! Packing took a while – I’d never packed for an overnight snow camping bike trip before, so it took a little organising to get everything onto the bike. It did fairly simplify things to not really need any food or water (I did bring … Continue reading S24O

Getting around in the snow

The snow around Canmore has largely been a bit average so far this season. Certainly it’s been a bit of a rubbish cross-country skiing season for the Nordic Centre. But that’s just a good excuse to get out on the bike a little more often. So here’s an image dump of some of the riding I’ve been doing over the last month or so…. Highline Horseshoe trails Horseshoe trails G8 G8 Along the forebay Long Road to Ruin, Nordic Centre

Yet more post-Christmas snow adventures

The day after Boxing Day, we headed to West Bragg Creek to go exploring. It feels like a long drive, but that’s just because these days we’re outraged by having to drive a whole hour to do something apparently. There’s an absolute nest of rideable snowy single track out there, good for running and snow-shoeing too, as well as groomed nordic ski trails. We only had a few hours there, but the conclusion was that we really need to return with more time up our sleeves. And on a less windy day (we were both blown off the bike a … Continue reading Yet more post-Christmas snow adventures

Goat Creek (Spoiler: There were no goats in the creek)

There was movement at the bike shop, for the decision had been made That we would bike the Goat Creek trail today, And all the way to old Banff town — and maybe back again, so we needed one more snow bike for the ride. All the gear was gathered from the cupboards high and low And piled in heaps upon the hallway floor, For we’d learned to love hard riding through the snow and mountain air, And the toddler in his carriage cried for more. The bikes were fully loaded, so we set off up to Whiteman’s Gap, The … Continue reading Goat Creek (Spoiler: There were no goats in the creek)

What Santa brought for us

A Surly Moonlander! A snow bike with tyres so enormously fat that people are always stopping to comment, or just yelling out from the sidewalk about how awesome they are. It turns out Santa was thinking of Alex more than me – it’s fun, but I haven’t fallen in love with it, it just reminds me of how much I like my real mountain bike. But there is something to be said for ploughing over the top of freshly fallen snow like a little tractor.