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Some skiing

As the boy gets better and better on his skis, we’ve been luring him out to cover longer distances. He doesn’t always want to go skiing though (as evidenced here, as he hangs onto the Chariot for dear life, preventing it from escaping without him. And I did some ski orienteering, with 3 days in a row of events. And then got a little sad when it was all over. Because there’s just something about looking for orange and white markers that seems to make every activity more fun. I also managed to ski 1000km this season, a largely pointless … Continue reading Some skiing

Ribbon Creek Trails

There’s a small network of ski trails about Ribbon Creek, near Kananaskis Village and Nakiska Ski Resort. They’re track set for classical skiing, and there isn’t really enough room between tracks for skate-skiing. A nice little set of trails to spend a day exploring, there is quite a lot of up and down – and so some nice views as well. It’s nice to ski somewhere different for a change.

12 hours of Saturday

  8am – Peaceful breakfast :)     9am – Finn helping me with the laundry     10am – Another warm day! And it’s snowing like crazy.     11am – Back in the car after finally meeting up with everyone, now off to the trailhead     12pm – Skiing along the Goat Creek trail, starting from Canmore, heading to Banff     1pm – Lunch break at the first bridge     2pm – Crossing the second big bridge – still snowing like crazy     3pm – Still snowing! (the Chariot behind me is covered now) … Continue reading 12 hours of Saturday

Return to Watridge Lake

The last time I passed by Watridge Lake I was 34 weeks pregnant, feeling too warm, with sore feet, and generally feeling as if I’d hiked far enough. We’d hiked through from Sunshine Meadows to Mount Assiniboine, and I’d already travelled 19-20km that day. I was kind of hoping for a travelator to take me home. Or a small helicopter. Perhaps a tame and friendly moose. This time I returned with a baby on the outside, and a tame snow-shoer to pull along the Chariot.     It took us less than an hour to reach the lake! I was … Continue reading Return to Watridge Lake

ski tour: rockbound lake

Woah, it’s been a while… I haven’t been on the internet much, although I have found the time to make a pie chart displaying exactly how much time I’ve been spending at work and in transit and sleeping, leaving only 3 hours or so at home for laundry/dinner cooking/grocery shopping/going for bike rides/bouldering…. But anyway, prepare for an onslaught of backdated adventures. With lots of pictures and not many words no doubt.   Rockbound Lake, nestled underneath the ramparts of Castle Mountain   This one is more of a Nordic trail than anything else, with just one little steep section … Continue reading ski tour: rockbound lake

to the inkpots

The avalanche danger has been very high recently, so a lot of the more interesting backcountry skiing has to be avoided at all costs. And most of what’s leftover has to be approached with a healthy dose of paranoia. So on my day off I went and did what was basically a hideously ungroomed nordic trail, with no avalanche danger whatsoever, as it was so flat and far from anything that could conceivably be viewed as a skiable slope. But still pretty.     We kept the mountains at a healthy distance, and there were signs of natural avalanche activity … Continue reading to the inkpots

rogers pass

First trip out to Rogers Pass – three days in Asulkan Valley, staying at Asulkan Cabin. Below the glaciers, above the trees – it snowed the whole time we were there, so visibility wasn’t great, but the tree skiing was excellent. Starting out on the trail – sorting out packs. Skinning up to the hut Alex, telemarking down again Asulkan Cabin – the skin collection hung a lot thicker first thing in the morning, half of the people in the hut had already headed off by the time this photo was taken. James contemplating the skin back up. The view … Continue reading rogers pass

invisible toboggan

It was the last Mt Stirling trip of the snow season, and the snow was thin on the ground. Happily flowing streams took all the snow away, and mud was everywhere. But there was still enough snow to play on…   And the snow shovel tobogganist glides off into the distance.   There is one good thing about skiing at the end of the season though – the beautiful weather (as long as it’s not raining).


And more snow. Soft and fluffy for a weekend at Mt Stirling, infinitely more appealing than paying $95 for a lift ticket to queue at Mt Buller. Pointing and laughing at the people over on Buller Because the snow? The snow was good. And we hardly had to share – certainly not with millions of snivelling school kids. Tree lurking on horizon line as the sun sets. Skiier lurking suspiciously on snow-covered mountain as the sun sets. Then came the snow shovel races! Meanwhile, we spent the weekend cowering in fear in the face of the fluoro yellow pants of … Continue reading snow!!

too sunny for snow

Another nice day at the snow at Lake Mountain – it was much sunnier this time, t-shirt skiing weather. The hoards were out though. Thankfully we arrived early, and stayed out the back. Then after the snow turned to slush, we went and hiked up Mt St Leonard. Then I found some blossoms. Then I went home. The end. Edit – And I just realised that Gary McDonald is in Mouline Rouge. I’ll have to assume I never realised it was him before because I was too used to thinking of him as Arthur.

the snow fairy

I closed my eyes tight, and wished very hard, and the snow fairy came. And brought enough snow to ski on. At least he’s trying. (Yes, in this case when I say ski I mean cross-country skiing. It was a pleasant way to spend a morning, although my skating muscles were burning most of the way around)

and it’s only april!

Went out to play in the snow today :) There was a slight change of plans after realising the weather would be horrible for sea kayaking, and that there would in all likelihood be a reasonable amount of snow at Mount Baw Baw. We like the snow. However, I would have preferred a late season this year, so I could theoretically get my thesis written and then go off and play in the last of the snow. I suppose 1) The season could still end up finishing late, or 2) The snow running out could encourage me to magically get … Continue reading and it’s only april!