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Salty Dog V – The one where I didn’t ride my bike

When you’ve got so much fatigue swimming about in your system that you can’t really ride a bike… well, that’s still no excuse to not go on a biking road trip! Especially not when you get to ride in this sweet van: We stopped in Golden on the way over; first for a ride – well my role in the trip was largely chilling in the van reading books, listening to podcasts, and painting watercolours while everyone else rode bikes. So I didn’t go for a ride. But I did join everyone in checking out the Whitetooth Brewery after. ┬áThe … Continue reading Salty Dog V – The one where I didn’t ride my bike

Salty Dog – solo once more

For the last couple of years I’ve raced the Salty Dog* in a pair. This year I was worried about my knee, and rather than risking letting down a team mate, I decided to just sign up solo again. I was really looking forward to the drive all the way back out to Salmon Arm after we just drove back from Squamish six days earlier (Note – I was not actually looking forward to this). But at least I had a road trip buddy! Kat and I were racing in the same category, as I had managed to convince her … Continue reading Salty Dog – solo once more

We got pie!

Ok, so with the title I rather gave that away… (well, for anyone who is familiar with the Salty Dog 6hr race it’s a spoiler) But first things first. The Salty Dog is a 6hr race out in Salmon Arm, BC. It’s a traditional season starter for Canmore folk. We started our Salty Dog weekend with a stop off on Saturday to ride in Revelstoke, where the trails are amazingly fun. Then the race was on Sunday. It’s my third time, but still feel a lot of pre-race nerves. And even pre-lap nerves after I’ve started. I was racing as … Continue reading We got pie!