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mount lady macdonald

    More peak-bagging. This is me on top of Mount Lady Macdonald, overlooking Canmore. The traverse ridge across to the summit is quite interesting, a small moose like me could have blown away if it were any windier.    

i find love in the yukon

After nearly a year in Canada I had still found no other moose. Growing lonely, I decided to travel to the Yukon, where I was assured that hundreds of moose would be roaming the streets.     Our first night out of Whitehorse we camped in Moose Creek Campground. This sounded promising, but no moose resulted. We drove northwards, looking out eagerly for moose. The road between Whitehorse and Dawson City was boring and moose-free. So we headed on to the Dempster Highway. First stop was at Two Moose Lake, where we’d heard that mooses often roam     And … Continue reading i find love in the yukon

wandering around canada

Following my grand victory in the Olympics, I thought I’d have a wander round some more of Canada. It was a repeat of my moose hunting quest of 2005…   At Elfin Lakes, on the way up Mount Garibaldi near Squamish, British Columbia, Canada.   This was on the road down through Kootenay National Park, I spotted a bear out the window of the car – my first Canadian bear sighting, but still no moose.   Here I am reclining at the Lussier Hot Springs in Whiteswan Provincial Park   Here I went to visit the Kokanee brewery, but was … Continue reading wandering around canada

my triumphant return

Well after a considerable lull in postings about my adventures, I can finally reveal that the silence has been due to my intensive training efforts for the Vancouver 2010 Olympics. Here you can see that the results of all my hard work has paid off, and I’ve come away with the gold medal. In something. Against two odd looking people who I could probably have beaten with my hooves tied behind my back.   All hail the mighty moose!  

more scrub bashing at wilson’s prom

Another adventure off the beaten track in the wilds of Wilson’s Promontory. This time my carrier came prepared, and there were a lot less complaints about the scrub. Although there was some talk of leeches – they didn’t seem to bother me, I’m sure they can’t have been that bad.   On the summit of Mount Latrobe, Wilson’s Promontory, Victoria, Australia   We made it to the summit of Mount Latrobe though.

russell visits queensland

I found Queensland to be a surprisingly enjoyable place. It wasn’t all beaches and sand in your fur, but lots of amazing landscapes and wildlife. And it wasn’t all sticky and hot like I was expecting.   Lazing on a towel on the beach at Byron Bay   The view from the Governor’s Seat, Main Range National Park   At the most easterly point of mainland Australia (just out past the lighthouse at Byron Bay)   Testing out my jambing skills on the crack climbing at Frog Buttress   On the summit of Ngungun in the Glasshouse Mountains   Wearing … Continue reading russell visits queensland

a scrub bashing epic

Well it wasn’t particularly epic for me. In fact I don’t really know what they were complaining about. It was a bit of a bumpy ride from my backpack though. This was my ascent of Mount Ramsay in Wilson’s Prom. There was a lovely view from the summit, although it was a little cold.   On the summit of Mount Ramsay, looking out over the Southern Oceans of Australia