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North-nearly-over Ridge

Grandmothers are very handy for enabling quality adventuring time with Alex. So handy, that we took advantage of one more opportunity, and had a go at running Northover Ridge with Al and Lincoln. This year the southern side of the lake trail had re-opened, with the flood damage largely repaired. We did a slightly better job of picking a route around Hidden Lake this time (compared to last year), and flew up the trail above it to the scree beneath Mount Sarrail. Sadly wildflower season was basically over by this time though, so we missed out on the gorgeous splashes … Continue reading North-nearly-over Ridge

The amazing Northover Ridge

First of all, a taster of what lies ahead: We’d all been talking about running Northover Ridge for a while. The plan had always been to do it in a day, and finally we had chosen the day. Many folks were invited, but in the end it was just the four of us who made it. Debate began about how long it might take us, what gear we should take, and how early we should leave Canmore. We settled on a 6am departure from Canmore, which crept a little later, and after the one hour drive down to Kananaskis Lakes, … Continue reading The amazing Northover Ridge