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surly long haul trucker: i has it

Thanks to the guys at Campione in Calgary, I’m now the happy owner of a very shiny Surly LHT.     It went for its first test ride today, and seems to work. And aaahhh, the smooth gear changes of a brand new bike. All stock components on it so far, no upgrades to fancier parts. I’ll probably keep it that way too, until things actually need replacing… except perhaps the saddle. A comfy saddle is always good.     (And yes, it is green)

shiny tenty goodness

so, i now have a new tent… a macpac olympus – second hand, but good as new, except for an odd smell i’m trying to get rid of at the moment, as the tent hangs to air outside. and i’m staying home to guard it from the rain, because we all know that regardless of what the weather looks like in the morning, in melbourne it’s always quite likely to start raining. or hailing. or having torrential downpours or unexpected sun or galeforce winds. so i’m home guarding the tent against adverse weather conditions (silly really, given that it’s supposed … Continue reading shiny tenty goodness