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The Ski Season That Never Was

On what was probably the last cross-country ski of the season, Alex had a biathlon class out at Mount Shark. It had been relocated there from the Nordic Centre, seeing as all the snow at the Nordic Centre had melted. I set off there earlier in the morning, riding my bike out along the Spray Lakes Road, in the rain. As you do (it was good practice). Once we had all arrived, eyed the rain with resignation, and donned ski gear, I skied around with the boy while the others skied around in the rain and then shot at things. … Continue reading The Ski Season That Never Was

Mount Assiniboine Redux: Day Four

Day Four dawned, another clear day with warm weather. Marvel Lake campground is a little dark and claustrophobic, so I didn’t mind escaping it. The boy was very unimpressed with the fact he had to leave his friend behind though. He did cheer up a little when he discovered all trail signs had a chocolate button at the top though. You get someone (Lincoln) to lift you up so you can push the button, and then you get chocolate! Hurrah! The trail widened to double track in to time, and we started working the child entertainment mojo. With some good … Continue reading Mount Assiniboine Redux: Day Four

Boxing Day ski

Boxing Day dawned a bit grey and dreary, but at least it wasn’t terribly cold or windy, so we headed to Mount Shark for a ski. It was surprisingly quiet as we set off, with very few other cars or people to be seen. Somehow I ended up being talked into skiing out to the Spray River bridge, despite being on my skate skis, which were totally unsuited to the trail. I think this largely ended up happening as I had no idea what I was agreeing to. But it worked out to be a nice little 16km jaunt. As … Continue reading Boxing Day ski

Return to Watridge Lake

The last time I passed by Watridge Lake I was 34 weeks pregnant, feeling too warm, with sore feet, and generally feeling as if I’d hiked far enough. We’d hiked through from Sunshine Meadows to Mount Assiniboine, and I’d already travelled 19-20km that day. I was kind of hoping for a travelator to take me home. Or a small helicopter. Perhaps a tame and friendly moose. This time I returned with a baby on the outside, and a tame snow-shoer to pull along the Chariot.     It took us less than an hour to reach the lake! I was … Continue reading Return to Watridge Lake