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No, no, they can’t take the mountains away from me

So, the update on my knee: it still hurts! (Blah blah, something about ligaments being a lot better, LCL, MCL, blah, mild meniscus damage, gets aggravated when I do things like pedal my bike or run, gradually getting better, trying to be patient, blah) In the meantime, I’ve decided hiking with sticks is a reasonable alternative to doing nothing but sitting at home plotting to take over the world. I’ve been lucky enough to have some fun hiking companions along the way, for my umpteenth time on the summit of Ha Ling Peak. Mount Lady MacDonald solo on a sunny … Continue reading No, no, they can’t take the mountains away from me

Failing to hike up Mount Lady Mac

A short wander up Mount Lady Mac, as neither of us had much time, or a desire to stray too far from home. The start of our hike was slowed to toddler pace. Not just toddler pace, but the pace of a toddler having trouble hiking up a steep snowy path. Eventually he gave up, and started to get sleepy, so he was transferred to my back and we started to slog uphill. There was more and more snow, and eventually the pre-packed trail diverged from the summer trail, and we gained another hiker who was happy to hike along … Continue reading Failing to hike up Mount Lady Mac

The first hike of the year

“Do you wanna go skiing?” “Yeah, ok.” “How about Mount Shark?” “Yep, sounds good.” ….. “The road over Whiteman’s Gap keeps being closed due to avalanche.” “And it sounds like the trails will be bullet-proof anyway.” “Yeah, lets not go skiing there.” “I’d still like to get out and do something.” “Yeah.” “How about we go for a hike?” And so we hiked up Lady Mac. The trail was actually dry or just a bit muddy for maybe 10-20% of the way. Then there was just a lot of packed snow. Which got less and less packed as we got … Continue reading The first hike of the year

almost entirely unlike the edge of a knife

Mount Lady Macdonald – with an altitude of 2,606 m (8,550 ft) gives a 1200 metre elevation gain hiking from town. It was named in 1886 after Susan Agnes Macdonald, wife of Sir John A. Macdonald, the first Prime Minister of Canada (this is what wikipedia claims anyway, but there are all sorts of made-up things slipping in there these days, we all know Canada doesn’t even have a Prime Minister). A typical 9 o’clock start had us leaving the house around 10 (we being Siggs and I, not Alex, who is stuck doing 14+ hour days at work this … Continue reading almost entirely unlike the edge of a knife