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Moab biking roadtrip – the video

Aha, finally finished! Here is the little video/slideshow from our trip down to Moab in April this year. I miss my bike. Well, I miss riding my bike in warm weather on red rocks and dirt. Riding on snow just isn’t the same. But this is a nice little taste of the awesomeness of Moab. I’m amazed I managed to take as many photos, and as much footage as I did, the riding was so nice it was easy to get distracted. Mountain biking around Moab, Utah, April 2013. Featuring Megan, Alex, Finn, Brendan, Jeremy, Jackie, Chad & Michelle, and … Continue reading Moab biking roadtrip – the video

Moab 11: The end of days

And so the final day had arrived, and there was much wailing and gnashing of teeth. The Moosling and I dismantled the camp as Brendan and Alex went and rode Slickrock one more time. Our final FINAL ride was to be at Klondike Bluffs – one the Tout could do as well. Setting out on the trail together, I was dangerously close to falling asleep, and was torn between disappointment that we hadn’t gone to ride Captain Ahab one more time, and relief that I was riding a trail I could happily ride in a state of semi-consciousnesses. I woke … Continue reading Moab 11: The end of days

Moab 10: Slickrock, the return

Early in the morning it hovered around 0°C. The Moosling and I drove everyone and their bikes up to the top of UPS, where it was a nice warm and snowy -4°C, and dropped them off to ride down Porcupine Rim. I was not terribly sorry to be missing out as I hopped back into a warm car and drove to a playground in town, where I failed to nap a little while the Moosling had a great time (the playground in Moab with all the musical instruments is wonderful). The nice snowy trails they were riding on Porcupine Rim … Continue reading Moab 10: Slickrock, the return

Moab 9: Snow, arches, and Amasa Back/Captain Ahab

And on the eighth night there was snow. As a result, the morning was spent waiting for things to warm up a little, and for the snow to go away. We decided a trip to the Arches National Park was in order. Perhaps the arches would look quite pretty all covered in snow? Here’s an arch with Brendan standing in it (if you squint really hard you can see him, he’s that wee blue spot). And here’s another arch with Alex and a wild Moosling. And here’s Delicate Arch. Oooh, look how pretty it is. By this time we’d well … Continue reading Moab 9: Snow, arches, and Amasa Back/Captain Ahab

Moab 8: Slickrock!

After a morning spent in an RV, waiting for the rain to clear (we didn’t just break into an RV, it belonged to friends who turned up for a night, honestly) we decided to head out and ride the Slickrock trail. But not before experiencing the strange taste sensation of garlic pancakes. Not only were they garlic-flavoured pancakes, but they were unintentionally garlic-flavoured pancakes, with no known source for the garlic. The pot didn’t taste of garlic, the raw pancake powder didn’t taste of garlic, the milk didn’t taste of garlic, the butter used in the pan wasn’t garlic butter. … Continue reading Moab 8: Slickrock!

Moab 7: Where it rains, we do laundry and I nap

The closest thing we had to a rest day, the morning was spent lurking about in the rain, then doing unexciting things like laundry, having showers and buying some groceries. Followed by a good nap. Eventually Brendan got sick of all this sitting around and declared he was going on a ride anyway. Somehow I ended up being the one who went along with him, and we set out into the rain at Klondike Bluffs with the goal of riding Baby Steps. A drowned rat, prior to reaching the mud Things started off well enough, and if only we’d known … Continue reading Moab 7: Where it rains, we do laundry and I nap

Moab 5: Dead Horse Point State Park

This was a fairly quiet an uneventful day. The single trail at Dead Horse Point State Park was very, very, very family friendly. At least the views were great, looking out over the Canyonlands. There were no dead horses while we were there, or cars flying off the precipitous cliffs, although apparently this area was used for the final scene in Thelma & Louise. We couldn’t convince the Moosling to jump for a photo, but he quite enjoyed the jump photos otherwise After a wander about, and lunch on top of a rock, Moosling and I dropped the guys off … Continue reading Moab 5: Dead Horse Point State Park

Moab 4: Porcupine Rim (no porcupines present)

The Moosling and I spent a morning around camp – mostly climbing the mountain and going exploring – while Alex and Greban went riding on the Slickrock trail. Later in the morning our messiah (aka Jeremy) turned up, and Alex & Finn performed shuttle duties, dropping us off at the top of the UPS trail (no higher, thanks to muddy trails) to start Porcupine Rim. Porcupine Rim is one of the ‘must-do’ trails of Moab, and though it largely consists of double track, it certainly has spectacular views. Most people do it as 23km of mostly downhill (although it’s far … Continue reading Moab 4: Porcupine Rim (no porcupines present)

Moab 3: Sovereign Trail System and Klondike Bluffs

The day started with rain, and I happily lurked in my tent until I was ordered forth by a toddler overlord who requested ‘tasty food’. I cooked porridge in the rain, and I don’t know if he was terribly impressed. I wasn’t either, as the showers continued until 11am or so. We moved our picnic table under the juniper tree and huddled. Brendan, who by this stage was known as Greban (and don’t even think of arguing with a two year old on such matters, it’s just not done) suggested we should ride the Garden Mesa trail over in the … Continue reading Moab 3: Sovereign Trail System and Klondike Bluffs

Moab 2: Gear Shakedown on Moab Brand trails

The first day we arrived in Moab, overnight temperatures were forecast to reach a low of minus 5oC or something silly like that. For some entirely unrelated reason we decided not to camp on the first night, and instead spent the evening huddling in a cabin in Moab itself. Well actually, I went out for a run, exploring some of the local single track, while the menfolk unpacked the car, cleaned and overhauled the bikes, and cooked dinner. The following morning we packed everything up again, and drove our little car convoy out to the Moab Brand trails. Just north … Continue reading Moab 2: Gear Shakedown on Moab Brand trails

The beginnings of the Moab adventure

In the beginning there were some bikes. And then there was an idea. “We should ride these bikes!” we said. “We should ride them somewhere warm, with awesome trails and spectacular scenery.” And so we drove south to Moab, Utah. And we rode the bikes in and around Moab. But first, we had to get there… We drove down via Fernie, where the two Australian-Canadian boys got to hang out together, and discuss the issues they’ve had deciding between cricket and hockey as the most appropriate sport to follow. The road trip continued on through Montana, to the hippy town … Continue reading The beginnings of the Moab adventure