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Australia Part 1: Melbourne to Mildura

And so, after three years, we were finally off to visit Australia again. This time flying via Hong Kong, in an epic series of flights that took us over 34 hours door to door. Still, it could be worse. A billiard table could fall on you. On the way we discovered that there’s nothing quite like an airport full of pokestops and pokemon catching to make a seven hour layover absolutely fly past. Thanks Hong Kong. Also, it’s possible for a six-year old to watch the Lego Movie four times in a row, even when there are other movies and … Continue reading Australia Part 1: Melbourne to Mildura

an ode to airports

Yesterday I spent nine hours in airports and aeroplanes. For the sake of flying from Melbourne to Canberra in the morning, and back again in the evening. The first culprit was the ice. As we sat in the plane at 0730 we waited for the de-icing equipment (a man with a ladder, a bucket of warm water and a credit card) along with a lot of other planes. Then came the good news! Thanks to a security breach (some contractor passed their keys around the security barrier) the entire domestic terminal was being cleared. Including us lucky folk already on … Continue reading an ode to airports

legends, legends, dead set legends

258 kilometres later, and I’ve cycled around the Bay (after cycling to the start from home in the cool pre-dawn). Starting at 5.30am, we got back to the finish line just before 5pm – not all of the 11 and a half hours was spent cycling, but enough of it that I’m very glad my bike is comfortable to ride. Limping slightly now, and the outside of my left leg is now burnt, as it was facing towards the sun the entire day. Most of the day was spent in pelotons, or chasing pelotons, and I’ve now learnt all sorts … Continue reading legends, legends, dead set legends

then your man’s Sane Jack O’Hooligan, the man hating goat murderer of Dingle Bay

Yesterday took me on a 93km bike ride, out to the hippy markets at St Andrews and back. Beautiful warm weather, and a fantastic day to be out riding. Found an alpaca farm, and a goat. And I had two lunches, hoorah. But now it’s back to work at the laptop. In my spare time, if I’m not on my bike, or doing any of those necessary things like obtaining food, eating food, or cleaning things, then I’m working on my thesis. Type type type… type type. Doesn’t make for many exciting adventures. But once it’s over there will be … Continue reading then your man’s Sane Jack O’Hooligan, the man hating goat murderer of Dingle Bay

but why are there so many pigeons?

The roof of my neighbours house is a nice place to sit in the sun when I need a break from work. I found this out while I was lamenting the fact that the sun had gone away, so my east-facing window was letting in nothing but views over corrugated iron and hills-hoist suburbia, and the smell of fermenting yeast from the brewery. Deciding I needed a break in the sun, I stuck my head out of the window, and discovered there was a nice patch of light just around the corner. Socks off, I hopped out my window, swung … Continue reading but why are there so many pigeons?

hell of the northcote

Who knew there were so many cobblestone alleys in Melbourne? I certainly didn’t.   I only got around to reading up on the Paris-Roubaix after the Melburn-Roobaix race was over. It’s held annually in the mid-April rainy season, 260km of muddy riding over the cobblestoned roads and hard rutted tracks of northern France’s coal-mining region. Apparently the route has had to be changed in recent years, as many of the original cobbled sections are being repaired and replaced with smoother surfaces that have much less romance about them. The race was first held in 1896, but only picked up it’s … Continue reading hell of the northcote

melburn-roobaix (the hell of the northcote)

So, Saturday was the inaugural Melburn-Roobaix. MELBURN-ROOBAIX. An idea for a regular alleycat evolved into one of Melbourne’s biggest and best underground cycling events. Over 100 riders rode all over Melburn in search of checkpoints tucked away in the roughest corners of each suburb, riding rough pave, dirt roads, traversing stairs, crossing railways, and carrying supplies. When they were done, their musettes full, they rode a final lap of glory around Brunswick Velodrome. Beautiful weather, lots of fun :) Here’s a few of the Abbotsford cycling folks hanging out in the velodrome, post-race. Doesn’t seem like winter at all.   … Continue reading melburn-roobaix (the hell of the northcote)


Christmas in Melbourne – the Bourke St stars now replace the old green and red spirally things that they used for years until really, they were falling apart, and having old Christmas decorations on your tree at home is all well and good, due to emotional attachment, etc etc, but who on earth was so attached to those spiral things with the stars cut out of them that they hung around as city decorations for a good few years after they were well due for retirement?

tremble, puny earthlings!

Melbourne – most liveable city in the world (or one of them, along with Vancouver and Vienna), according to the 2004 poll by the Economist Intelligence Unit. Melbourne’s been rating up there for a few years now. DC – not the most liveable city in the world. I think it rates 57th. Which I can understand on the grounds of the weather alone – hot and sticky in Summer, but just a few months ago, there was snow, and I couldn’t go outside without wearing gloves. On top of that, I bought new deoderant last night, which turns out to … Continue reading tremble, puny earthlings!

pronunciation issues

Note to Americans talking about Melbourne It is not pronounced Mel-BOORN (actually, I don’t think I can even capture with phonetic spelling the strange things you do to the ‘ourne’ section). MEL-b’n is the more common pronunciation. If you’re being fancy about it, you can extend to MEL-ben, or even MEL-bern. But never Mel-BOORN. Melbs is also satisfactory, if you have begun to develop the Australian thirst for abbreviation. (More photos and more interesting things coming once I sort out my current issues with getting my laptop online at home)

the quest for a visa

The adventure opens with our heroine winning her way into the US Consulate in Melbourne, on a sunny Friday morning in early December. She manages to pass the multitude of tests set for her; first the x-raying of possessions, then the passage through the two metal detectors of doom. She listens in awe as she hears of yet another fee she is supposed to have paid, and must pay on Monday. She even manages to sit through an hour and a half of Fox News, and resists the urge to return to the street to feed the meter when the … Continue reading the quest for a visa

good old days at the mill

Bryden bouldering at the Mill. hopefully all the rumours are true, and we’ll have new bouldering areas opening up close to the city. the loss of the mill followed by the burning of vic ranges has left a bit of a gap in the melbourne gym climbing world. (meanwhile i’ve been busy incorporating all of my old photo sections into the site. soon there’ll be a nice shiny climbing link on the sidebar. however the next/previous page links at the bottom of the page keep refusing to load at the bottom of the page, unless you refresh)