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Have been filled with the sudden desire to purchase a unicycle. I’m not sure if this is linked to the increasing amount on time I have been spending on my bicycles. Most of the weekend was spent cycling (when it wasn’t spent meandering around hippy markets, watching movies with pirates, lying collapsed on the loungeroom floor, or loitering in bars with art display type things happening, and willing the introduction of the no-smoking law). The single track around Lysterfield is most awesomely fun – including the Commonwealth Games track. I’d be a fan of less jumps/obstacles built by tree branches … Continue reading inexplicable

the importance of catering

So, up at 5.40am to drive to Alex’s so we can pack up the car and head off to Lysterfield Lake Park, site of the Kathmandu Maximum Adventure Race (I’m a bit dubious about their claim of ‘maximum’ adventure – there was a reasonable proportion of adventure, but room for improvement). A cold and mizzly Spring morning, fog hangs above the lake as we huddle around inflating the two-person kayaks. The race starts with a sprint for the kayaks – a sprint for the kayak that we actually inflated rather than one of the others, as some of the teams … Continue reading the importance of catering